Roofing & Cladding Services

Roofing & Cladding Services

Is your commercial building in need of a new roof? Perhaps your current roof just needs some basic maintenance? Maybe you’re not even sure! Don’t worry – we can advise. We have been in the trade for 15 years so you can count on our years of experience for high quality commercial cladding services.

Expert of industrial roof cladding in Sydney

We offer a full range of roofing and cladding services, delivered professionally, reliably and within budget. Our commitment to service quality is what make us stand out among the many industrial cladding contractors available out there.

So what’s the process of a commercial roof cladding project?

All we need is a surveyors report so we can draw up a quote based on its findings. Providing you’re happy with the quote, we’ll begin the work!

What roofing and cladding services are provided?

We offer a complete roof refurbishment package and are able to either fully strip and re-clad your roof, or over clad an existing roof. We have all the necessary machinery and equipment to get the job done with as little disruption as possible. You can also rest assured that with a comprehensive risk assessment completed prior to the start of each project, health and safety is a primary concern for everybody on site.

What about roof lighting and why does it matter?

Roof lighting is a fundamental component to any commercial or industrial premises and is important to maintain. We offer a full light replacement service, which can include more energy efficient alternatives. This will enable you and your workers to enjoy better lighting and cheaper bills.


Many of us are familiar with the dangers of asbestos roofing sheets. For years it has been associated with causing harmful lung conditions as a result of the fibrous particles it releases into the atmosphere. By exposing your employees to asbestos, you are not only putting your employees at medical risk, but your business could become at risk from a future compensation claim. The choice is clear – remove it and replace it with a safer alternative.

J Phillips Roofing are qualified practitioners in the removal of asbestos and hold the HSG 210 certificate, which is now required by law. We have the knowledge and experience to provide a far safer alternative. Don’t run the risk – act now.

Gutter Maintenance and Replacements

Faulty and poorly maintained guttering can cause no end of hardship for business or commercial and industrial property owners. Flooding is the single biggest problem caused by poorly maintained guttering, incurring large repair costs and often causing lengthy periods of inconvenience and downtime for the post clean up operation.

Don’t run the risk. Flooding is easily avoided by observing a gutter maintenance schedule, or, if required, take advantage of our complete Gutter Replacement Service.

For more information on any of our roofing services, including gutter replacement and maintenance, or for advice on your roofing project, call us on (+61280152488)