Stand & Seam Roofing

Stand and Seam Roofing has been specially developed to ensure complete weather protection. It provides a waterproof system through a single, unbroken panel laid across the entire roof. Our highly skilled tradesmen use a combination of non-penetrative fixing methods and no ends laps to ensure a completely waterproof roof.

So how does it work?

Stand and seam roofing systems are a popular choice for buildings with a low pitch roof. They are comprised of a sandwich like structure, featuring a base linear panel, a middle layer of insulation, and a top panel that runs from the eves to the ridge. Clips are used to fix the panel to the linear panel and purlin and then seamed up the side. Our skilled tradesmen then weld the panels onsite, enabling us to guarantee zero penetration.

Stand and seam roofing structures can be fitted quickly and with minimum disruption to the day-to-day running of your business. We always ensure we comply with all health and safety procedures and use the best quality roofing materials, offered at a competitive price. This includes Kalzip’s Speed Deck and Kingspan’s Euroclad.

Stand and seam roofing comes in a range of materials which includes, steel, aluminium, zinc and copper. Our aluminium range is available in sheets that come in 100m rolls that we can roll on site. It is also fully recyclable and easy to maintain, so whatever the size of your building, we can create a roof to fit.

Our vast experience in the commercial and industrial cladding and roofing industry makes us the ideal choice for all your roofing needs – no matter what size or shape. Give us a call and we’ll arrange a full site survey, including advice on whether a stand and seam roof is right for your needs. Once you have all the information you require and are satisfied you’d like to proceed, we will then provide you with a competitive quote.